From Smart Phones to Unmanned Drones, The Pull for Ultra-Fast Wireless Connectivity Spans Across Multiple Markets

LUMEOVA technology impacts a wide variety of applications.

Mobile Communication Devices
Today’s smart phones and tablets are equipped with ultra-high definition (4K) cameras and displays. However, radio WiFi and cellular connectivity speeds fall way short of what is required to share video content across devices and the cloud. LUMEOVA technology helps mobile devices reliably transmit large files, including streaming 4K/8K video content to other devices and the network.
HDTV-Icon Televisions and Multimedia Displays
Ultra High Definition (4K) TVs are rapidly gaining popularity and 8K displays and sources are right around the corner. Live streaming of 4K video content without data compression and loss of picture quality requires about 20 giga (billion) bits per second (gbps) connectivity far beyond the reach of today’s WiFi networks. With LUMEOVA technology, televisions and other multimedia devices can wirelessly connect with each other – helping to eliminate hardwired communications.
Virtual Reality Headsets
The next generation of visual interactivity is being made possible with new virtual reality (VR) headsets and gear. To provide consumers an immersive experience, VR headsets require enormous communication bandwidth with the processor which is possible today with bulky cables. LUMEOVA technology allows for ultra-fast connectivity that eliminates wires for an unparalleled user experience, bringing mobility and virtual reality together. We’re making untethered virtual a reality!
Drone Icon UAV / Drone
Drones are gaining in popularity as consumers and businesses adopt unmanned aerial vehicles for a variety of uses. New drones are equipped with Ultra-High-Definition (4K) cameras which can capture videos with stunning resolution. However, live streaming 4K video from drones is still a major challenge. LUMEOVA technology solves this challenge by providing greater communication bandwidth, range and reliability.
Infrastructure 5G Wireless Microcell Backhaul
Fourth generation (4G) LTE wireless services are rapidly gaining adoption by carriers worldwide. Wireless carrier and technology providers are already developing next-generation (5G) network solutions to deliver faster internet access (1Gbps) and enhanced services to consumers using advanced Multi-User (MU) MIMO technology over existing radio wireless spectrum. In order to deliver faster data speed in already congested (2.4GHz/5GHz) radio spectrum, 5G requires deployment of large number of smaller cells (microcells) which enables reuse of spectrum across multiple microcells and expanded data capacity. The microcells in 5G network have to communicate with each other and main cell towers wirelessly at much higher speed through the backhaul network. LUMEOVA wireless optical technology offers superior speed and all-weather performance compare to millimeter wave line-of-sight, radio backhaul solutions.